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Don’t worry, it was a good article. The deadpool was given because of the content, not the quality. After some discussion with other moderators, we came to the conclusion that a deadpool just works best. Humanized is just too broad overall, it’s not a art subject dedicated to MLP. If we’re gonna make an article for it, we might as well make one for Pokémon and other fandoms. It’s the same reason as why I rejected Maid Outfits for MLP once, they can be found in any fandom. Giving it a mention for MLP only wouldn’t really make sense.

But nonetheless, it was a good article. If you think you can help improve other articles, feel free to request editorship.

As for possible improvements would it be there. Your article contained a nice amount of text, but lacked the images at certain parts. Don’t make it contain text only. When explaining certain aspects, image examples make both a nice adding and help with the explanation. This also allows you to make your explanations a bit smaller. You made them too big sometimes, this creates distraction.


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