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Teh Brawler
Teh Brawler

Hello, hello. After seeing you several times on the site and coming to your profile, I’ve come up with two things that should be said:
1. If you want to respond to peoples’ posts on your wall, you should post on their wall. Otherwise, they won’t see it.
2. There is a need to restrain yourself in regards to your comments on new entries. I understand that there are far too many entries made on this site that aren’t real memes, either because the person created it just then or because they want something to be famous that isn’t, but completely exploding doesn’t help matters. Case in point:
The comment that you made has nothing to do with the meme itself, though I realize that you can’t read it; neither can I. But that’s really just an attack on the entry creator for his native language, which isn’t called for. I’m not trying to chew you out, I’m just under the impression that you want to make KYM as awesome as possible, and to do that, we have to state our opinions on things with a level head; otherwise, drama happens.

Otherwise, happy holidays, have a good weekend, and I hope that your KYM experiences are win


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