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Velociraptor Jones
Velociraptor Jones

@ Bura Mathews (FB comment)
Most countries in latinamerica were colonized by europeans,so we have a huge percentage of fair skinned, blue/green eyed blondes everywhere, but usually they are from the “upper class”. Most sombrero-wearing mexicans you see in movies are pretty much Mexico’s equivalent to United States’ “rednecks”.


Sombrero-wearing Mexicans wouldn’t be like rednecks, as redneck is a term for uneducated white people… The term indicates not only one’s social class as being not “upper class”, but also one’s ethnicity as being white.

Whereas as the sombrero-wearing campesinos of Mexico would be more likely to be Mestizo or Amerindian than white.

Also: Some countries like Costa Rica have a lot of white people (about 80%) but other places like Guatemala have a large Amerindian population (40.5%).

TL;DR: “Redneck” doesn’t quite translate into “sombrero-wearing Mexican”, and different Latin American countries have different demographics. :)


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