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Did you mean this?
“I’m not that simple.
I don’t want the community influencing the show.
I generally don’t care what happens in the fandom.
In this instance, I want a certain name for the fandom.
I didn’t change my mind."
It’s pure tactic to get my point across. When I don’t think people are getting my point in complex sentences, I make the sentences simple and to the point. It is being direct and upfront, so it sounds confrontational. But in the grand scheme of the Internet, there’s no reason you should feel threatened. It’s the Internet. And mostly, because my intent was to get my point across with no confusion.

That’s a very complex question. My simple answer is no. Some bronies have fundanmental issues with other bronies or parts of the fandom. Unless you can change things like Rule 34 or you can change other people (which you shouldn’t,) some bronies are just going to be annoyed all of the time. Me and #citationneeded are like that. Either nukefire or Iamslow saw my hiatus coming, because it was obvious that I was getting too annoyed with the thread.

But there was nothing that could be done about it. So I left for a while. That cannot be changed.

But that’s a simple answer. There’s more to it.


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