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Yeah, I absolutely love that. It’s just a whole bunch of people who are laying around because they don’t earn enough money. They’re all spoiled brats, aren’t they? Because of course, this is all about being poor. It’s not about class warfare and a near-caste type economic system. It’s not about lobbying. It’s not about a government which is slowly becoming corrupt due to the laws passed as a result of lobbying. Nobody’s angry about their voice slowly dissipating into oblivion. Certainly, nobody wants to change anything. No, it isn’t political change they’re requesting. There were no huge plans when they started everything out, there were no demands, and there was certainly not a MOTTO the occupiers adopted to suit those demands. ‘Cause, there’s no real reason behind “the 99%” except angry, stupid, poor citizens.

No, it’s simply people who want money. People who have experienced hard times, and have decided to blame it on something with no real purpose or reason. After all, it isn’t a capitalist society we want, where we can do anything with the money we earn based on our contribution to society, we just want to be happy where we are and ignore the changing country around us. We just want to lie back and let the 1% be.

Believe what you want to believe, because a person can certainly have his or her own opinions, but at least get your facts right before you insult an entire movement.


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