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That’s unfortunate to hear.
Most of my research is for class, so mostly projects concerning the health and well-being of broad populations. Generally, I approach these matters from a psychosocial standpoint. But I’m also a research assistant. In that, I’m helping to investigate drivers of psychological distress, usually depression. One question we have deals with why black people have lower rates of suicide and suicide ideation compared to other ethnic groups in the US (and why white people have relatively high rates.) It’s weird, because blacks usually have worse health outcomes in just about everything along with more problems that leave a “trapped/no alternative” feeling that many suicide victims feel. We’re hypothesizing that religion (and the psychosocial factors that go along with religious participation like a sense of meaning) may protect against suicidality. Since there’s the stereotype that black people are more religious than other groups, we thought that may explain a lot of the difference. But research connecting the distress and race to religion is scant.
I also research the meme “YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH BADGES TO TRAIN ME!”
It’s my baby…


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