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The vocalist is Natalie Williams, but she does sound pretty similar to Joss Stone.

As for my research, basically I’m doing spectrochemical analysis of tissue fibres. I’m trying to see if a fibre softness can be correlated to features on a Raman spectrum. That involves collecting a lot of data (Raman spectroscopy is done using high-powered lasers), and a lot of multivariate analysis. Thankfully I can outsource some of the more complex analysis – which involves way too much math for me – to some of my supervisor’s colleagues at Tianjin University. Basically the end goal is somewhere, many years down the line, a technique could be developed using Raman spectroscopy to pre-determine the softness of processed tissues from raw pulp. That way, paper companies could find out if they have a good batch or not before they process it. But, since this is just an honours thesis, I don’t really have to worry about that.


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