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Yo Giga!

Some of the talk on the forum, mainly by Verbose, gave me a stupid idea of putting up a humorous “KYM – EqD Conquest Team”, consisting of me, lolstaz and yourself, and while I was at it, I noticed a small irrelevant thing, that might (or might not) interest you.

I’ve mentioned this same thing on the forum before, but I noticed that you saved your avatar as a .jpg file. I’ve mentioned that .jpg files don’t compress all that well, and they turn out grainy. And especially since you drew your avatar by yourself, you might want to save it at around 250×250 .png file. If you do that, your avatar will look a lot sharper and cleaner, when KYM compresses it into a smaller picture.

Anyways, that’s all I had to say, and with that, I’ll return to lurking mode once again. I’ll see ’ya around.


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