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I won’t argue that Anxiety Cat should be deadpool’d, but I will argue that Paranoid Parrot and Anxiety Cat are not intended to be the same. I think the problem is that people misunderstand paranoia and anxiety… Here’s some examples, coming from someone with anxiety.

“Someone drives behind me down my street, they’re going to murder me at my house,” is a situation for Paranoid Parrot… whereas, “Remember embarrassing moment, sudden urge for suicide,” and “Finally decide to make important phone call, hope no one answers,” are situations I can definitely relate to as part of my anxiety… It’s been explained to me this way:
Paranoia = Delusions that someone is out to get you. (Not too sure, but guessing that’s generally it.)
Anxiety = Constantly uptight about real life worries. (I can vouch for this one.)

Also, types of anxiety disorders actually include generalized, phobia, panic, social, obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic stress, and separation anxiety.

In saying all of this, yes, a fair few of the Anxiety Cat memes are indeed leaning towards paranoia than anxiety. >.>


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