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Teh Brawler
Teh Brawler

I saw your comment on “webcomics”, and I can’t help but be appreciative, because you, unlike so many other newer people here, actually care about KYM, and sincerely want to help it develop. I do have two things I want to say in response however, but I feel like you’re worth posting on your wall, because it matters to you.
1. Webcomics is actually a subculture article. Rather than covering the spread of an idea, I wrote it to cover the source of many memes.
2. Adding comics, in my opinion, isn’t a good use of space, not because there are no other legitimate comics out there, but because this is a general article. It’s meant to explain what a webcomic is, so if anyone ends up on a meme page that talks about webcomics, they have source of information to defer to if they’re interested.

Anyways, welcome to KYM, and I hope you have a great time here.


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