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My course is with this guy – who is actually a Wake expert. He doesn’t teach a course on it thought – it would be kind of unfair, after all, to fail someone for not understanding Finnegans Wake – so instead he just does a weekly reading group. He also does third-year courses on Modernism and Post-Modernism, and he also taught a graduate course on Surrealism. I haven’t actually taken the Ulysses course yet (it starts in January), but I know that we’re going to start by reading A Portrait, and that we will also be using the Gifford annotations. It’ll be a seminar course (the size was capped at 20 people), and the secondary source readings will probably include a lot of Hugh Kenner (who my professor really likes) and also likely quite a bit of the Ellmann biography.

Also, have you ever read the Stephen Hero fragment? It’s essentially the first draft of A Portrait – which Joyce tossed into a fire after having trouble publishing it, and which Nora saved a large chunk of. It’s actually pretty fascinating.


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