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Words cannot describe how abhorred I am at this. Not at the fact that this is a completely unprofessional dolt working customer service, but because we live in a world with a rampant pool of unemployed persons far more qualified to handle customer service than this meaty no-neck jockstrap bully…and this guy is the one who got the job.

I’m glad he got canned. I’m sure he’s gotten his welcome to the Internet, but I’ll gladly extend his welcome to the unemployment system. After this, his best bet is to drive his cacophonous rice rocket full speed into a concrete wall and hope he can siphon some extra funds for protein shakes on disability, because there is no way any firm will sign him onto a payroll after this.

Talk about a phenomenal way to go out.

But there is a happy story to this. A very happy story. An abysmal tosser gets the boot, and a more capable, considerate soul will start receiving his paycheck. Internet, I am proud for outing and completely ruining this guy. Let it be a lesson that in a world as interconnected as our’s (not to mention vigilant) customers will NOT get pushed around, and they have far more power than they used to. They don’t need courts, warrants, wiretaps, or legal procedures to throw a bully off their pulpit. No.

They just need to give him a bit of “Free PR.”


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