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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

I’m still interested of course. If I plan on doing my Master Degree in the future, I can’t lose grip of my research enthusiasm

I just completely forgot about the whole thing after I lost my primary source of internet.

Now one thing I need is more definition of ‘posting traits’: What the various types are that we can identify and how we categorize posters into them.

We don’t need to be too serious about that since our data comes from an entertainment-only source and it is not like I have access to everyone’s Meyers-Briggs personality types in the first place. But just a little more thought into the whole thing will do.

The traits that I noticed included:
-Serious = Poster often will discuss serious subjects with other posters
-Humorous = Poster often tries to have fun with other posters
-Angry = Poster can get expressive/emotional in own posts
-Intellectual = Poster often dedicates a large amount of thought and discussion in own posts
-images = Poster often finds and reports imagery
-Witty = Poster often will use wit/snark/sarcasm in own posts
-Casual = Poster makes general comments in no specific style or expresses traits that are difficult to identify

I should go over this list and refine it a bit before I start anything, I’ll let you know how that goes


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