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Stitch Mayhem
Stitch Mayhem

@Iced Hot Chocolate

Secret Mountain Fort Awesome’s animation may seem disgusting, but it’s based off of the art style from most of the comic books that were made in the 90’s, so it obviously had a good purpose. It’s also a show about monsters, so it’s supposed to be disgusting.

The reason why The Problem Solverz’s animation looks cheap is because Paper Rad has a “Do It Yourself” motto. They’re not allowed to use Wacom tablets or scanning, they can only pure RBG colours, only false tweaking is allowed, and they have to use as many alpha tricks as they possibly can. They also filled the show with tons of 80’s references, which only adds on to the colours and makes it seem like it takes place in the 80’s.

That’s why they’re both drawn the way they are.


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