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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

Lucky, you had corpse flesh. We had to work with Bones mostly. That how my teeth got so sharp.

Turned out to be useful though, I spent the next 3 months biting my way though the cell block bars and managed to escape for a while. It hurt but eventually it worked

Wasn’t long before they found me. Turns out hiding from authority is really hard when you are running stark naked in the middle of town, screaming and biting everything. Boy that was fun though, and that Baby was pretty tasty too. People seemed pretty shocked by that, but give me a break. Asylum food is terrible, I hadn’t had real meat in years.

I gotta say your story sure does take me back to the good o’l days before the locked me away. Back then me and Hannibal Lecter had this thing were we would kidnap children, put them in a meat grinder and make what we called “kid stew”. It wasn’t really stew, more like a paste of rotten flesh mixed with feces and urine. We didn’t do things like cupcakes. Too sane for our tastes. But anyway that meat was delicious with a touch of coriander and Worcester sauce. My favorite part of Kid stew was drinking the fluid out of the spinal chord.

How about you, did you ever do anything like that?


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