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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

Its almost as if you think we are different people now. Has it really been so long inside that padded cell that we can no longer tell discern the difference between thought and reality? Has the loneliness come to that point at last where we are ultimately our own company? Oh well, we knew that time would come to pass eventually. There’s just too many people in our mind nowadays

At least this way, we will be able to share with each other the great memories we had. The torture, the screams, the visions in the night…especially that time that we were raped an molested by figments of our own imagination. Wasn’t it grand; the look on the nurses confused face when that happened. I was one of those figments you know, looming over us like a demon preparing to possess another soul. Watching my own figure slice itself with a steak knife and marvel and how horrified we looked in total fear of our own mentality.

So really, don’t try so hard to spook me. I know its just another defense mechanism but it will only bring us more horrid creatures to torture us in our nightmares…now why don’t we go to sleep before the creeping darkness comes back again to feed on our sorrow


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