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Quick comment: You guys need to fix your article creation criteria. I think I have pointed this out before, but here it goes hoping management can see it: Brand New Members make a lot of articles on subjects that are not memes. As I see it, this problem has 2 solutions:

1) Moderate new articles so that a mod (or member/group of members) has (have) to approve articles for publication (a 2-tier meme confirmation of sorts). This way mods (or members) can vote on weather an article should be researched further, thus avoiding instant deadpools.

and 2) Just as not every member is allowed to edit articles, not every member should be allowed to create them. Many new members, unaware of any Internet Traditions, confuse the concepts of “image macro” and “meme”, thus creating articles to document their image macros and appearing to force memes, when in reality they are just misguided souls.

I think any of those could improve the community and the content, but I think this merits further discussion.


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