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It’s amazing the idiotic assumptions the ignorant make. I never said I hated this site. In fact, I enjoy it enough to come on here, chuckle, and even bother making an account and commenting once and a while. Does that mean I am therefore incapable of showing critique? For one thing, I’d rather not see much any political nonsense on this site, as I find it ruins the otherwise funny atmosphere of the site, but I guess it’s inevitable.

It’s pretty sad really. Incapable of actually replying with any type of reason or expressing your own opinions in some sane way, you use the tried and true ‘hurl insult’ response. Really, a “gene pool” insult? All that did was make me doubt your knowledge of how genetics even works. I don’t even see why you’re so butthurt. Did I maybe hit hit a nerve when I commented how you’ve bothered learning nothing about Santorum other than he’s a® and had a story here relating to google?

Really, I’m sure you can grow thick enough skin to put up with a comment or 2 of mine. It’s not like I’m the type of person to mimick your style and just say “shut up libfag. Idiots like you who voted for Obama are why this country’s in decline. And how’s that Obama CHANGE coming along for you? Go back to your feces-ridden occupy camp and keep exclaiming your ignorace of free-market economics.”

But no, I have some restraint.


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