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Rac Eci
Rac Eci

“x” sent me here
“Great, now I have to find [insert person top commenter is replying to here]’s comment…”
“(in response to the above) View all comments, ctrl+f, type name”
“(On new year’s day and the week following) WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN MAN YOU HAVEN’T MADE VIDEOS SINCE LAST YEAR” (All caps because it usually is in all caps)
“Try to hold alt and like this comment”
“(in response to above) Try to hold alt and dislike his comment”
[insert typical arrow in the knee joke here]
[repeat funny line in video in all caps]
[state the obvious]
“find the word “gay”. dajkdhaskhdskafldladjustinbieberdksjdhkasdhhkadhksadk"
“Wow, 2,000 likes and only 300 views”
" [insert person who would dislike video here] made [insert number of dislikes here] accounts to dislike this video"
“no punctuation no grammar lots os speling erors nd typos run on sentences”
“fake and gay”
“7rd viewer/comment!”
“that like bar is the size of justin bieber’s penis”
“like/dislike bar is a light saber.”
That “I’m trying to become a horse and have nailed horseshoes to my feet” comment.
“500 likes and I will [insert unthinkable action here]”
“I used to be an adventurer, but then I took an arrow to the knee. Justin Bieber is gay. Thumbs up if you agree. Dislike/Like bar is a light saber. Now give me top comment!”

I spend a lot of time on Youtube when I’m bored… This is all off the top of my head.


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