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And for the record, I strongly feel your angry rage storm of ignorance has led you to mix or altogether confuse me with another particularly outspoken conservative here, whos name I can’t remember. I’m thinking this due to your continual insistance of me spouting “angry tyrades” about liberal bias on this site. Just checked my comments, and though most are political in nature, no “angry tyrades” or much anything regarding “liberal bias” can be found. Simply a number of comments that you wouldn’t agree with. It’s a shame that a few unagreeable comments is all it takes for you wish suicide on a person while finding their differing opinions can ONLY be a result of impure genetics. (Seriously though, a high school biology class would do you good.)

Considering your ignorance of all things politically related can’t be influenced with simple comments, I’ll instead give you some different advice. Try growing up. Going into a flaming rage and spewing insults at the mere thought of another disagreeing with you isn’t going to go all to well for you in the real world.


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