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It’s simple really. We document actual internet phenomena. What you’re trying to do is forcing something you found here as a meme while it’s not our purpose.
As you said: “[…]except that nobody has heard of it yet”. That’s the point. Of course, we don’t expect everyone to already know about the memes that we cover here. HOWEVER, we do our best to prove that it is, indeed, a meme, by showing facts, linking back to sources and so forth. You, sir, woke up one day and thought “Oh my, they don’t know about this but it has to be a meme or a celebrity because I think so!” and submitted your entries. That’s not how it works, period.

As a matter of fact: “So, things I was trying to spread on the internet are things ‘only I consider memes’?” Yes, they are. That’s why they have been rejected… unless, of course, you can prove that you genuinely didn’t want to submit things of your own to take credit for, you know, like your entry about a cartoon project you had in 2004.


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