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Sparty the Spaceship
Sparty the Spaceship

Sorry about the late reply.

The picture looks excellent, by the way. I’m still not exactly feeling the best that I was in it, but I don’t wanna guilt-trip you. You had to get the thing done, and I wasn’t there to confirm something vital because I had school shit ‘n’ all that to do.

Besides, I was absent from the thread for a good period of time anyway, and I think that was when you said you were going to draw the whole “Pony General family photo” thing anyway. So I guess it’s partially my bad.

Either way, thanks for at least considering me. Here’s hoping that if it happens again in the future that I’ll get on it. And I’ll actually make an effort to do so.

Still, pretty good job on the picture and whatnot. It is really good, partially because you drew so many different things and partially because you drew them well. A lot of stuff I can name (and some I can’t) is on there, from different areas of entertainment. All in all it looks pretty awesome, especially because unlike the other family photos tumbling around in JFF it was hand-drawn, which adds extra badass cred by default. So good job anyway.

tl;dr: Good work, and to me, better luck next time.

Sparty McFly


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