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@Quentin Things don’t exactly work that way.

The truth is, the food is poorly made. However, the source of this issue does not lay in the overarching corporation of Mcdonald’s (like would qualify a total shutdown), it’s reliant in the working conditions of each individually owned branch; every store of McDonald’s has its own manager, and therefore it’s run its own specific way. Therefore, you could have some McDonald’s from the slums that is a borderline rat’s nest, but you could also have one that serves the highest quality of food imaginable.

So, because of the franchise’s industrial based roots and history of basis in densely urban areas, the food [i]is[/i] poor quality. However, the corporation is not solely to blame, and this little event was a bit disproportionate in my opinion. Oh well. With those figures and the quality of this article, I can’t argue with the memeticism of this specific event.

+1 confirm.


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