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Fine. After the other team capped the point they were rushing to our spawn. I was running away but was hit by a stray bullet hitting my leg. I fell and as soon as I looked up I saw the scout with his shotgun to my head. “This is it” I whispered to myself. I closed my eyes. But nothing happened. As soon as I opened them I saw the scout looking at a little orange pony. He aimed for it but I tried to rustle up all my strength to get up. The little orange pony just ran to him and kicked his head. Killing him. She then went to me and actually spoke. I was now face to face with Applejack. She raised her hoof up to help me. I asked where did she come from. She replied with a little “I don’t know” I then asked if she was lost. She spoke with fear in her voice “Yes. I don’t know how to get back home.” I then patted her head and said that I will take her home. Even if I die trying. Knowing she will be here in this miserable war I tried to make everything better for her. Even if it means disgracing my team for a pony. I did my best so the Administrator won’t see her. I wanted to keep her here with me so I can find some joy in this place. But I know one day she will have to leave. I tried to not think of the fact that she will be gone one day.
She brings me joy, and hope that one day I will be able to leave this endless war.
She’s My Little Pony…


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