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Blue Screen (of Death)
Blue Screen (of Death)

Hi JJ, I thought I would let you know why you got downvoted.

You tried to bring up the Derpy Controversy again. But that actually is sealed here, so many people here no longer welcome that discussion.

Your opinion wasn’t the problem, you pretty much said the same thing other people already said and predicted last month. It was your attitude and your timing. Your timing was off by 1 month and your attitude was a buzzkill

The guys in the comment section don’t want serious discussion, they don’t want to hear about problems. They just want to come in, have a quick pony fix, have some fun and not worry about things. They were doing just that until you came in and told everyone logical fallacies about how much hate we get, of course they wont appreciate that.

I understand that you are a pessimist and that’s okay. You can be negative if you want to. But please be considerate of those who reject negativity and don’t want it injected into discussion.


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