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Epicus The Warrior
Epicus The Warrior

Ok let clear up a few thing shall we.Not all bronies are furries.Some are but some are not.I think there is a lots of criticism toward the brony community.I know it can make people uncomfortable since we watch a show that come from a toy designed for 5 years old girl (I talk about the previous generation.Before Lauren Faust did her work on MLP FiM).

Myself the first time I encountered a brony (It was a year ago at my school).The guy (a classmate) approached me and he said:«I am a brony».I replied«what is a brony».Then he said unto me«It an Adult male viewer of the new MLP generation».I was like «Are you kidding me.You know that show is for little girl right»?Yea I was such a close minded person back then.It was also a time when I wasn’t an Internet guy.Some month later (somewhere around september 2011),I was more aware of the Internet phenomena.and decided to gave the show a chance.

I just don’t know why people look at us as unemployed adult men (Fox News) or Sick twisted people who clop to ponies (some does,I don’t blame them).Some bronies are perfectly normal person.Do not blame the people for their ignorance, blame their own stupidities.

If you think that all the bronies are a bunch of furries.I hope you step on a lego.

At least know the difference between one and another.This could solve many problem (not only on the internet).


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