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“all this "Kony"shit"

I’m pretty sure that the whole Kony fiasco is the product of an organisation, not a government or group of governments. Whether it was made as a scam or as a movement of compassion, I don’t know.

“or The “arabian spring””

I see nothing wrong with the Arabian spring. It’s a series of revolutions spearheaded by normal citizens in an attempt to overthrow their governments. Revolutions happen all the time, for better or worse. It isn’t too cataclysmic.

““H1N1 Influenza” hoax”

H1N1 was a real virus, I believe. But I will admit it was subjected to massive media hype, although I think that was just so more people would tune in to the news, not an action by any government to seize control of its people (Besides, any nation can seize control of its people through propaganda, and there are more efficient forms of public relations than a virus scare).

Additionally, you must realise that Russia is just as authoritarian and controlling as any other country. Just because they aren’t as pop-culture-y as other nations does not mean they have a cleaner record. Just like America, the Russian government controls its media, silences public dissenters, and flaunts its might constantly.

And no, I’m not Russian, but I’m not trolling you either. I don’t see why you think I’m trolling you.


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