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@vergruizer You can only hit the ball with your feet? Maradonna would have to disagree.

Anyway, to everyone (especially in the Facebook comments) commenting what soccer is called in their language, that has nothing to do with the image. At all. The point is that people from the U.K. think that Americans are the only ones who refer to the sport as soccer, which obviously isn’t the case. Also, this is a response to the link in the image’s description.

In my decade and a half of playing soccer, I’ve had team mates from all over the world and no one gives a shit what it’s called except for my British team mates. If one of my Dutch team mates calls it football, I know what he means. If one of my Puerto Rican team mates calls it futbol, I know what he means. If I call it soccer, everyone knows what I mean. The only ones who get upset are my British team mates.


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