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welcome to kym!
let me explain how it work here
you should start by looking around on the site and go on this wiki pedia page to know what we are talking about here:

2: start posting picture and video of actual meme when you find one

be careful you must post the picture on the good meme page
for example: dont post a trollface picture on the keyboard cat page

3:after some month and when you are sure that you find a REAL meme go on know your meme and do some research to be sure that nobody allready submited it
if not try to see on google if you can find some stuffs related to the meme you want to submit (if it s a meme you WILL find stuffs)

4:post it and ask help if you cant anything else about it

thing that you should not do:
this is not a meme it s a fact… it’s like adding “planting bomb: on counter strike you must plant a bomb”
dont come here to try to “create” a meme by submiting something and then making some picture on paint
a dictionary are not creating words
a dictionary is listing all existing words DO YOU FUCKING UNDERSTAND???

lesson over :D


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