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Trash Boat is  (spoiler) W.W.
Trash Boat is (spoiler) W.W.

You called me dum (or idiot I don’t remember), which was the incorrect choice of words. I was ignorant, dum implies I’m permanently impaired while ignorant means I was at a lack of knowledge (which I truly was; that thread was a learning experience where I was took at blow to the karma.) I mistook you for being a jerk because I thought your choice in words was uncalled for. Don’t take me for as angry either, I’ve been looking for a excuse to use that gif because I love Breaking Bad. I’m learning the way of the forum (no matter how painful) because I hate negative karma, it keeps me from being taken serious. My plan is to even out to 0 and then get back to research. It would be a win win if you could not stop me in that, but rather help me. I’ve currently doubled the hole I’m in today.


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