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Trash Boat is  (spoiler) W.W.
Trash Boat is (spoiler) W.W.

I just researched drop it like its hot for 2 hours. Sadly, There was only 4 video that had to do with the meme that weren’t the original song. Sun drop seemed like it had to do more with the main stream and less with the internet. There was a meme generator page, but it was broken. I found about 15 images that had to do with the meme. And found 4 legitimate gifs. The gifs were really funny, and some images even referenced other memes. but in the end, for it to be a meme i felt it needed to be more present on the internet than it was. Sorry for making a bad promise, maybe will work on a different entry later, or drop it like its hot could spike in popularity. But for now, i didn’t feel it had the chops to get confirmed or write a decent entry.


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