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PopperFett the Mandalore
PopperFett the Mandalore

Exactly what I mean: Shitstorm starts.
Listen, there are bronies like me on this site. That’s a fact.
Everything except that one thing is not-pony related. Most bronies like me also like that stuff, too. Some other times, we can also not give a f*** about any of it. Just like this: you may not give a f*** about MLP (or do give a negative one), but most of what goes on in KYM is not-pony related.
Now I’m not saying EVERYTHING NEW about MLP needs to make the front page. I was thinking it was unnecessary when the Pinkie/Skyrim thing or the Cosplayer’s gallery got up, seeing that was just asking for s***storms.
So basically, we get one thing on front page per day. You get everything else you guys want on the front page.
Sounds fair, in my opinion. Not special treatment: just recognition.


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