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Bah the skyrim video’s pretty dead now, but you make a point i want to address. I agree with you about bronies popping up in places they don’t really belong. It’s one thing to have an mlp group or thread on a site, but it’s unacceptable to try and “take over” websites. In fact, a lot of us would agree wtih you there. As much as I hate to use that old apologist line, we really aren’t all like that, just the loud ones.
That said, a site like KYM is justified in featuring bronies as ofte as they do. MLP has been pretty much the biggest internet subculture of the past year and is still going strong. Granted, the featured work isn’t usually the best there is to offer, I’ll give them credit for trying.
Bronies can be a nuisance, but the more we perceive ourselves as being hated, the more we seem to feed off of it. Most think anyone who doesn’t care for the show must hate it and the community. If you want to fight back against that, don’t hate; infiltrate. Your best bet is to pose as a brony and tell them they’re being annoying. Maybe then they’ll listen.


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