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Kim Jong Is A Feminist
Kim Jong Is A Feminist

I 100% agree with this statement you made

“Go visit the forums and there are plenty of pages explaining why these MLP pictures were removed. The reason MLP is being purged from KYM is because it is being spammed everywhere. It chokes out all other memes and all other pictures if allowed to do so, and thus the moderators had to filter out MLP. It was all over the Forums where it wasn’t very much liked, ti was all over trending images, it was all over the trending bar and the featured memes. Finally, the ponies reached a critical mass with all of this spam and they were met with a light filter. And then people immediately made it a goal to spam ever MORE in a way that by-passes the filter. So, now, lots of pony pictures are being removed because they are SPAM. Also, ponies are filling up memes where they are un-invited and do not belong. I’m not sure about anymore, but just yesterday there were five pages of ponies on a meme’s article. You know which article that was? Advice Dog. 5 Pages of ponies on the Advice Dog page. That was one of the reasons the filters were put in. I think that MLP:FiM deserves to be moderated until it cools down and stops trying to ponify KYM. Imagine if you were not a brony who doesn’t have a particular interest in the show, and you visit KYM on a daily basis, and the first thing you see when you get on the homepage is ZOMG PINKIE PIE RAINBOW DASH PONIES PONIES PONIES PONIES!!!!!!!!11111. You would be kinda ticked, right?”


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