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Um… This article gets several facts wrong. For starters, if you kill Poniko (by stabbing her with the knife), Uboa WON’T appear. He appears in Poniko’s place, and I suppose if her character becomes classed as “dead” the event won’t trigger. Another thing is that “Uboa” is not his official name; no character in Yume Nikki except Madotsuki actually has a name. It’s important to note that Uboa is a fan-made name. What plays when Uboa appears is not so much music as just a continuous “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH…” sound effect. Also, on the Yume Nikki page, it says that he chases you around the room. He’ll only approach you if you use the “cat” effect, and all characters do the same. In fact, I don’t think even touching him is enough to trigger the teleportation; I believe you have to interact with him. The only reason you have to do so is that the room is sealed off when Uboa’s event triggers, so you have to either interact with him or wake up (by pinching yourself). Note that I HAVEN’T PLAYED THE GAME and yet I still know all this.


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