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Whoever made this imaged pushed the coloring too far in the other direction because they were trying to make her eyes look red, and they STILL don’t look red-- at best they look maroon. Let’s be real here, folks-- the fanon lost this battle, and the longer the fanon police try to draw it out the more absurd they make themselves look.

I bet that if we ever get a shot of her in broad daylight with plum colored eyes, we’ll STILL have some fans claiming that it’s “a mistake” and that “they’re really red, it’s just an optical illusion.” The people who make this show don’t give a crap that a lot of fan artists draw her with red eyes, which is why no amount of color tweaking will result in her eyes looking red without blowing the whole image out of whack (as is what happened here). The intention of the show’s creators was not to make her eyes look red, so this whole thing has been nothing more than an exercise in fan-dumb.


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