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Vinticore, does your OC follow the 10 commandments for an OC?

The Ten Commandments of OC’s:

I. Thou shalt not be an alicorn.
II. Thou shalt have a reasonable name.
III. Thou shalt not give thyself any ridiculous superpowers.
IV. Thou shalt have a color scheme that conforms to the bright, cheery, pastel colors of canon ponies and does not clash horrifically.
V. Thou shalt not recolor a canon pony and call it an OC.
VI. Thou shalt not exist outside brony communities.
VII. Thou shalt be a pony. Thou shalt not be a gryphon, nor a dragon, nor a Discord rip-off, but a pony.
VIII. Thou shalt not use an OC from a fanfiction as thy personal OC, nor the converse: inserting thy personal OC into a fanfiction.
IX. Thou shalt have a well-developed characterization that is both reflective of thyself and realistic.
X. Thou shalt not act superior to thy fellow OC’s. ’Tis pretentious and obnoxious.

If thou breakest any of these sacred texts, thou shalt be shunned.


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