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Jackal Lantern
Jackal Lantern

“Bees make honey and jelly?! How come nothing humans produce tastes good?”

Wow, was I too young when I saw that episode to realize how gross that sounds, or is that just horrible because it’s out of context?

But yeah, anyway, if I only did comics or fics, that would be a cool concept to tackle. I’m starting to get the hang of audio software, but I don’t think that’s an easy idea to convey musically. :V Too bad.

You mentioned you might do a comic for it in the General. Just out of curiosity, would you do a Queen Chrysalis backstory, or a “what-if” scenario with Celestia like you were insinuating they were trying to achieve with the cocoon? Or maybe the story of some random nameless changeling?

Also, have you seen the movie District 9? I was thinking about this “royal jelly” concept, then suddenly remembered that movie, and that idea blew my mind.


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