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American Tanker, Hell on Tracks
American Tanker, Hell on Tracks

I have a Wikidot page, it’s basically a weapon construction system for the original Borderlands; it even tells you whether a given gun is possible.

Here’s the page. Granted, it only goes to 61, but it works. Has everything you could ever need to build the ultimate weapon. It even lets you build shields, though it doesn’t have support for Class Mods.

Personally, I prefer Hyperion. Precision, speed and capacity combine to create the deadliest weapons on Pandora. Because if it took more than one shot to actually hit what you were aiming at, you weren’t using a Hyperion.

However, Hyperion doesn’t make everything. They don’t make machine guns, for instance(not SMGs, full auto combat rifles). If I can’t have a Hyperion in a given class, I’ll generally go for an Atlas. They’re very well rounded, not sacrificing in any area.

Other than that, I favor Maliwan with regards to elemental guns. They have the largest tech pools and highest tech levels, not to mention that their guns are good overall, if only lacking in power due to their elemental mods.


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