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American Tanker, Hell on Tracks
American Tanker, Hell on Tracks

You’re welcome. It’s how I knew for a long time that an Evil Harpoon is possible, and that if you see one you shouldn’t scream HAAAAAAAX!’ right off: it’s likely legit.

Personally, far as I’m concerned, Hyperion, Atlas and Maliwan are the only manufacturers worth a damn far as weapons are concerned. Tediore’s line of health regenerating shields are pretty good, though. Maybe not the toughest or quickest recharging out there, but the health regen they bring, especially if you find a high end Panacea Shield, can make you very hard to kill.

Reason I don’t care for most of the other manufacturers weapons is because they usually aren’t as accurate as I’d like. Vladov and Torgue especially suffer from this. Jakobs ZZ material grade guns are the only things that can challenge Hyperion as far as accuracy goes, but they have horrible firing rates and terrible recoil. Jakobs XX material grade guns have poor accuracy in general.

I guess I just like picking off my enemies before they have a chance to see me. Must be why I’ve always enjoyed sniper rifles in games.

As for elemental weapons, I personally just use whatever’s good against my current targets. Surprisingly(or maybe not, considering Mass Effect 2) incendiaries work very well against the heavily armored Crimson Lance soldiers, their Pyro Troopers from “General Knoxx” not withstanding.


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