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American Tanker, Hell on Tracks
American Tanker, Hell on Tracks

Yeah, kinda sucks that they’re not adding cryo munitions to the sequel.

I guess my standards for precision are just too damn high, but I’ll admit that Dahl make decent guns. They just don’t stand out to me. Likewise for S&S.

I can’t say I’ve ever gotten my hands on a Hornet, though. What’s so special about them?

I really use three out of the four as far as elemental weapons go: fire(bandits, zombies, smaller skag, most other forms of lightly armored organic target), corrosive(Crimson Lance, spiderants, larger skag, most other forms of heavily armored organic target) and electric(highly shielded targets, such as Eridians). I just have never found explosive weapons that useful.


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