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Langolier Gray
Langolier Gray

You want to know how I put the images as my background. Well I’ll tell you:
1. You need a flash drive.
2. You save an image you want onto that flash drive( I recommend saving it into a folder).
3. Put it in your xbox USB port, click on xbox guide, then go to picture viewer and click on the portable device icon.
4. Click on the folder where you stored the image, find the image you want to set as your background, then click “Y” to set as background.
5. There you have it!
Also, for some reason the photos that I can view as previews on HP PhotoSmart won’t show up on the xbox(this is mostly of photos from sources like tumblr and devian art). For that, I recommend you try to find that same image with a different size and from a different source so it will show up as an image and not a photo by going to google images, then dragging the image into the search box, then the rest will handle itself. But that’s only if you have to or really want to. Good Luck!


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