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While I did not vote up or down on any of the posts in gi97ol’s thread, if it had not been locked before I read it today, I probably would have negged a lot of your posts. There are a lot of people who seem to dislike gi97ol, but he made that thread in the hope that he could get some feedback in the form of constructive criticism; as far as I could see, you were just being a dick.

Really, I rarely think that making a thread like that one is constructive in the long run, but so long as he did it, it’s an opportunity for people who have legitimate grievances against another user’s style to explain what they are. Heaping nonspecific verbal abuse on him says a lot more about what sort of user you are than what sort of user he is. A lot of people seem to be pissed off at you for one reason or another, but a few also clearly like you. Work on accentuating the positive, and that balance will surely shift in your favor.


Anyway, I wish a belated welcome to KYM to you.


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