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American Tanker, Hell on Tracks
American Tanker, Hell on Tracks

I can’t say I’ve ever seen that. That is interesting…

But as far as weapon proficiencies go, I really only neglect shotguns, and even then, only because most of those suck. Still, when I find a decent Death or Hunter’s Shotgun, I tend to use them a lot.

I really see burst fire rifles in Borderlands as being larger akin to revolvers, especially with higher accuracy models and ones with good scopes. Some of them, like certain really good Hyperion Pounders, border on being genuine sniper rifles at times. But that AR520.G I described? Never actually gotten my hands on one, but I’ve made one with the gear calculator I shared. It seems like it actually heavily outclasses even the absolute best Atlas revolver I can generate, an AX300 Pearl Justice with the stabilizer attachment.

Another thing I want to mention is that I really enjoy SMGs for some reason. A top of the line Hyperion Stinger can run a 58 round drum mag(before clip size boosting skills and/or class mods), reload in about a second(before proficiency bonuses) and have an accuracy rated at 94.9. The absolute best, with the Vector attachment and the HX body style, will run a 16.6 or so fire rate, too. That’s a lot of highly precise lead.


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