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Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)
Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)

The Free Free Cake Thought Of The Day!
How come, when people on the Internet want to make fun of others, to signify their low-levels of intelligence, they add “lol” (Always no caps, stupid people have fail-levels of grammar, it seems.) to their mocking statement. Like, “Yo’ guys! See this fool? Yeah, he mad. He’s all like ‘lol, i no wut mem is!! lololololololol.’ Is this guy for real? I say we ban him ASAP, ’cuz he a sap. ’Aight?” But why, though!? Is it simply it’s over-use by a majority of people online? Or do we (We="Internet Vets. I probably should say “You” then, I guess.) feel as if only Annoying Facebook Girls, (And, by that extent, Musically Oblivious 8th Grader and Idiot Nerd Girl.) Net Noobs and First Day On The Internet Kids laugh at things? (Excluding lulz, that’s more “Evil”, though not really or often.) Because, if you find the Net humerous in any way, it must be because you’re blissfully naive and totally unaware of the MANY, MANY potential dangers lurking behind every corner? So all the “Vets” of the Net, Butthurt Dwellers and whatnot, none of them find anything funny on the World Wide Web. So scarred by their mistakes of the past, that for them, the Internet is actually srs bsns? This is most likely me taking things WAY OUT THERE, but, eh. It’s my thought and it’s FREE!!


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