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Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)
Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)

The Free Free Cake Thought Of The Day!
Why do some KYM members add numbers to the end of their username? This site’s membership is nowhere near that of Youtube, or even Deviantart. I wanted to name Free Cake. If I had tried to get that name on Youtube, chances are I would have had to settle for Free Cake123456789012345678901234567890. But on KYM, I am simply Free Cake. This site’s smaller size allows a suer to get just about any name they want. So why do some people add numbers to their name? I have come up with two reasons, but I don’t think they cover everything. The first is if you wanted to have numbers to make a cooler name. Say, 0th Hour or 007 or1337 PWNR, etc. (Those are just bad examples, for example.) The other reason is if you had a Youtube/Deviantart/Furaffinity/Facebook/Myspace/Tumblr/Neopets/WoW/ToonTown/etc. account called EXAPLE446. You wanted people on KYM to know that you were, indeed, the faous EXAMPLE446. Caling yourself EXAMPLE would not be sufficent proof to the ever-skeptical Internet. Aside from this, I have no clue why people feel a desire to add numbers to their username. The world may never care know.


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