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Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)
Arlon The Serene (Free Cake)

The Free Free Cake Thought Of The Day!
For the first time in a shockingly long time, I understood all of the political cartoons in the papers I read! (Minus Doonesbury, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that one.) Thanks, KYM, for making me the intelligent young gent I am today! That is all. Oh, yeah, one more thing. Amanda, were you trying to say with your image that I was jailed injustice-ly and should thus be freed, or that you threw me into prision? ‘Cuz I thought it was the latter, but then I have come to awkwardly and hilariously realize it’s probably the former, huh? Oh, well, the cat puns made it all worth it. Even so, I’m just gonna’ sink down into Platus’s Thinking Corner until you somehow forget I ever existed.


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