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American Tanker, Hell on Tracks
American Tanker, Hell on Tracks

I see. Not my kind of games, granted, but I can understand.

I’m not the type for platformers. I don’t generally care for jumping puzzles. However, for some reason, I really enjoy a number of games from the mainline Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, most notably the original three from the Genesis, and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on Nintendo Gamecube.

But as for my primary interests in games: arcade style aerial combat games, especially if they feature squadron command mechanics; semi-hardcore tactical shooters, like Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon; driving games, especially if off road(I.E. DiRT) and/or open terrain(I.E. Burnout Paradise){examples of both would be Codemasters’ FUEL; or Rainbow Studios, now 2XL Games’ MX Vs. ATV}; and open world western style action RPGs, like Fallout 3 and Mass Effect. Admittedly, the latter of those is pretty difficult to translate into a multiplayer experience(though I do believe Borderlands pulled it off nicely, even if it was by making the game coop), so I’m usually in online races if I’m in competitive multiplayer matches, though aerial deathmatches and tactical infantry skirmishes are definitely things I can handle.


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