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Windigo with fruit salad
Windigo with fruit salad

I just saw your response from my riddle that said “find the elements back where you began” Are you crying tears of joy or sadness. If sadness, well this is what I wanted you to do. The reason for that riddle was to confuse the ponies heavily. And I have succeeded in doing so. I am astonished it would get six discorded ponies, as if thinking I would get 36 discorded ponies. If you are crying tears of joy, then you have it all wrong. I troll ponies on almost a daily basis and I know enough about the show to anger you stallions about it. They say every enemy becomes a friend eventually? Well, I am an exception. I cannot be stopped. I use some of the best trolling techniques and know enough about trolling to get the results I want. Try as you may, I will become no friend. I know how you act, I know what you are capable of, and I know your weaknesses. I am a bucking master. Go to Tartarus.


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