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Ric Tesla
Ric Tesla

Either into what it is like to be something that is not human for a change. (I am curious of that as well)
Both have their dark sides and light sides. I thought it was unfair the furries was getting treated like the internet punch bag. I honestly want to back them up, their interest may be strange to the common norm, but that does not make them any less human. I think bronies and furries should not be treated like this at all.
It’s not like we’re a sick satanic blood cult or anything. (But unfortunately that’s how some people see us).
The message I was more of “FUCK DA POLICE” for both fandoms and should embrace our “not normal” which is classified by today’s society, fuck society, they fear us because of it. The haters/trolls just fear both fandoms and try to hide it behind hate and indecency.
I’ll try to add more to my posts for now on so I won’t cause such a storm once avian. But I do feel I may need some rest, I will, however lurk.
I’ll hope you, and any one reading this understand that I was trying to say something so much different then what you may have thought when you read that post.
(Yes! got it in right format).
Ric Tesla


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